What is a Subscription?

A subscription is an agreement to receive or be given access to affiliate products or services.

Each of the 23 NMSDC affiliate councils will have a set of subscription services to offer to certified MBEs that choose to do business in another service area.  

The Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Subscription Services is an add-on that provides a multitude of value-added services for MBEs. The Subscription was created upon recognizing the need to help businesses make an even greater impact in the marketplace. MBEs are not required to purchase the Subscription Services.

PRMSDC offers a variety of services to MBEs that may wish to subscribe:

  • Bid and/or Opportunities
  • Access through our Bridge of Opportunities Program
  • Referrals on how to operate in PR through other MBEs and government entities
  • Letters of Introduction
  • Referrals Letters
  • Direct Referrals
  • Referrals to local MBEs for joint opportunities
  • Access to Marketing and Promotional Programs
  • Access to local and corporate members and MBEs on our connecting events
  • Participation in our monthly roundtables
  • Opportunity to rent office spaces and/or meeting rooms
  • Included in our CRM private mailing list
  • Business leads tracking through our Win-Win Program 

Eligibility for subscription services

In order to qualify for subscription services, your company must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be an actively certified MBE within the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) network.
  • Must be in good financial standing with your home RMSDC at the time of the subscription service request.
  • Must be more than 60 days away from your home RMSDC certification expiration date when applying for subscription services.


All fees are tiered based on your business’s gross annual sales.

Please note that certification and recertification fees are not included in the Subscription Services fees.

If you're interested in receiving the PRMSDC's Subscription Services please complete the application below. 

Subscription Services Application

Thank you for your continued support of the Puerto Rico Minority Supplier Development Council (PRMSDC). A few of our subscription services include: Referrals & Introductions, Corporate & MBE Contacts, targeted Matchmaking and discounted services as a local MBE.

Business Information


Name of Firm: 
(as it appears on the Home Council Certificate)

Postal Address




Zip Code: 

Physical Address




Zip Code: 

Contact/Owner Information

Contact person:

Contact's Title: 

Owner's Name:

Owner's Title: 

Owner Percentage: 

% Owner's Date of Birth:  MM/DD/YYYY

Owner's Ethnicity: 

Contact Information

Business Phone: 

Fax Number: 


Web Address: 

Additional Business Information

Federal Tax ID#: 

Year Firm Started: 

Date of Acquisition: 

Sales (Year Closed): $ 

Method of Acquisition: 

 Bought existing business

 Started a new business

 Secured a Franchise

 Merger or Consolidation 

Other (Specify): 

8 (A) Certified   Hub Zone   SDB    Women-Owned

List the home council you are currently certified with and the certification expiration date:

Certified Home: 

Expiration Date: 

Certification #: 

Total Employees: 

Minority Employees: 


Payment by Credit Card:  Visa  |   Master Card  |   Amex

PRMSDC Subscription Services Fee Structure:

  • Class 1 $250.00 - Sales Under $1 M
  • Class 2 $500.00 - Sales from $1M to $10M
  • Class 3 $800.00 - Sales from $10M to $50M
  • Class 4 $900.00 - Sales over $50M

Credit Card Number: 

Exp. Date:  MMYY

CVC (3 digits): 

Name on Credit Card:  

 I understand the Application-Fee is Non-Refundable.


I authorize PRMSDC to debit my credit card for Subscription Services Fee:



If you have any questions please e-mail Reina I. Reyes at rreyes@prmsdc.org





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  organization affiliated to the
  National Minority Supplier Development
  Council (NMSDC), a leading

  organization that advances business
  opportunities for certified minority
  business enterprises and connects
  them to corporate members.

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