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A Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) is an independent, for-profit enterprise, regardless of size, located in the United States or in one of its trust territories, which is owned operated and controlled by an ethnic minority. Minority ownership shall be deemed to be ownership of at least 51% of the company by citizens of the United States who are of one or more of the following ethnicities: 

  • Hispanic/ Latino-American – A U.S. citizen of true-born Latin heritage (true-born meaning “authentically” or “genuinely” as per Webster’s Dictionary), from any of the Spanish-speaking areas of Latin America or the following regions: Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean basin (Puerto Rico).
  • African- American/ Black – U.S. citizen having origins in any of the Black racial groups of Sub-Sahara Africa. Caribbean natives of African descent are also eligible. The Caribbean is a region consisting of the Caribbean Sea, its islands (most of which are enclosed by the sea), and the surrounding coasts.
  • Native American/ Alaska Native – A person who is an American Indian. Eskimo, Aleut, or Native Hawaiian, and is regarded as such by the community of which the person claims to be a part. Native Americans must be documented through a Native American Blood Degree Certificate.
  • Asian-Pacific American – A person whose origins are from Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, the Philippines, Samoa, Guam, or the U.S. Trust Territories of the Pacific or the North Marianas.
  • Asian/ Asian Indian/ Pacific Islander American – U.S. citizen whose origins are from the Asian / Pacific Islander region

In a constantly evolving global market excellence is a requirement that must be evidenced. We have more than 500 minority-certified suppliers in Puerto Rico that fulfill all the required standards to offer their services to corporations and other MBEs.

Our corporate members regularly request PRMSDC recommendations of minority-certified suppliers to fulfill their needs. Being an MBE is an added value for your enterprise and increases your probability to be chosen for RFIs and/or RFPs. Elevate the success of your company through the diversity path!

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